Cubans paraded in wedding dresses this May Day in Pinar del Río

The May Day parades in the province of Pinar del Río this Wednesday left some postcards that reflected the banal communist propaganda.

Pareja desfiló vestida de novios en la provincia de Pinar del Río. © Facebook / Periódico Guerrillero
Couple paraded dressed as wedding couples in the province of Pinar del Río. Photo © Facebook / Guerrilla Newspaper

The parades of First of May In Cuba they usually leave bizarre images, like that of a couple who participated dressed as weddings this Wednesday in Pinar del Río, reported the official Periódico Guerrillero.

The digital newspaper shared in Facebook several photo galleries, including one that apparently showed two people newly married or planning to formalize their union after the parade, reflecting the propaganda style and revolutionary kitsch typical of this date.

Capture of Facebook / Guerrilla Newspaper

According to the publication, the couple paraded in the municipality of Consolación del Sur, and in a gesture that could be considered ridiculous, You can see the woman dressed in white being made up by another young woman in the middle of the crowd.

Two other people also decided to participate in the May Day parade dressed as brides and grooms.

The page in Facebook from Pinar del Río Aqueduct and Sewerage Company He published the snapshot where you can see the girl even carrying a bridal bouquet.

Facebook / Pinar del Río Aqueduct and Sewer Company

The official newspaper Guerrillero shared on its website Facebook another image captured in the main city, which will be recorded as a representation of the scarcity and economic crisis in Cuba.

In the photograph, people can be seen carrying bamboo poles with "colorful" fish on the tips, held with strings, symbolizing the capture of this scarce food on the Cuban table.

Facebook / Guerrilla Newspaper

That was the “profound” initiative of the fishing sector that also paraded this May 1st.

Capture of Facebook / Guerrilla Newspaper

In other places on the island, the population marched on May 1, a welcome opportunity for many to take time off from work, in exchange for playing along with the regime's propaganda machine.

The main march, unlike other years, where the congregation took place in Revolution Square, this year The parade took place on the grandstand near the United States embassy in Havana, and was chaired by General Raúl Castro and President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

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