Emotional reunion: Cuban mother surprises her son at school after nearly 2 years.

A Cuban mother surprises her son at his school and moves social media with the beautiful moment.

A Cuban mother returned to Cuba after almost two years and was reunited with her son, whom she surprised at his school. A very emotional moment that the protagonist of this beautiful reunion shared on her TikTok profile, @yuliasantana97.

"After a year and 8 months, smelling you, seeing you smile, hugging you, seeing you cry, being able to play with you, giving you your food. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me," expressed this Cuban mother, whom we see arriving at her son's school, who upon seeing his mother, stands still not knowing how to react.

Right after that, the mother picks him up in her arms, and they hug while the happy little one introduces them to his mother.

This emotional scene comes after the viral reunion of this young Cuban woman with the rest of her family members.

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