Santiagueros pick up fallen malt from a truck: "If it's not like this, we don't try it."

The economic crisis affecting the Cuban people leads to situations like these, where it becomes the only possibility for people to have a malt beverage.

Santiagueros recogen malta caída de un camión. © Collage captura Facebook / Yosmany Mayeta Labrada
People from Santiago collect the spilled malt from a truck.Photo © Collage capture from Facebook / Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

An incident with a Cimex corporation truck in Santiago de Cuba caused some malt cans to fall onto the street, providing an opportunity for people, unable to purchase the drink due to its prohibitive prices, to take some cans home.

"The malt has arrived," posted the communicator Yosmany Mayeta on Facebook, relating that the incident occurred after two in the afternoon, very close to the store known as La Melipona, exactly on Caney Road.

Facebook screenshot / Yosmany Mayeta

In recent years, this drink has disappeared from Cuban homes due to the high prices imposed by micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises and official stores, which are the current merchants of it.

"Whoever decides to have a malt drink will almost have to spend half of their monthly salary, and if it is a retired person, their monthly pension," denounced the independent journalist, highlighting the rampant inflation that governs Cuban society today.

The mishap occurred in the Vista Alegre neighborhood, "where large mansions and the visiting homes of the communist leadership are located," pointed out the independent journalist.

Similar events have occurred on different occasions, which evidence the misery and need faced by the Cuban people, forced to carry out acts that undermine their own dignity, in the midst of a worsened and unresolved economic crisis by the regime.

Last February, another scene depicting the desperate shortage situation experienced by the Cuban people was shared by the influencer Alain Lambert, known for his channel Paparazzi Cubano, where a group of Cubans can be seen picking up yoghurt from the garbage.

"Look at this, how it is here," says a voice with a certain tone of joy after having found something to eat, despite the conditions in which that product was found.

A similar event of this nature occurred in March in Havana.

An internet user reported that a group of Cubans picked up rice and beans confiscated from a seller of agricultural products at a fair.

Facebook screenshot / With the other edge

The incident occurred in the Río Verde neighborhood of the capital municipality of Boyeros, after an inspector, in coordination with the National Revolutionary Police, confiscated the products from a private entrepreneur for allegedly violating price limits, as reported by the Facebook page "Con el otro filo."

Facebook screenshot

The author of the publication questioned the fact that the Cuban regime raised the price of fuel "five times in the past few days, but at the same time punishes and attacks anyone who alters the prices of any product."

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