Police intervene illegal motorcycle race in Villa Clara.

The Villa Clara Police dismantled illegal motorcycle races, confiscating vehicles and detaining several individuals involved.

Presuntos detenidos © Facebook Fuerza del Pueblo
Alleged detaineesPhoto © Facebook Fuerza del Pueblo

In a recent operation, the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) dismantled in Villa Clara a group that was carrying out illegal motorcycle races on the New Route of the Road to Camajuaní.

The police action occurred following reports from local residents, who expressed their concern about the disorder and commotion generated by these illegal activities in the city of Santa Clara.

Facebook People's Force

The officialist profile Fuerza del Pueblo commented on Facebook about the story of a supposed farmer from the area regarding illegal races, stating that they were a constant nuisance to the neighbors.

The National Revolutionary Police (PNR) issued warning letters to around 40 individuals participating in the races. Additionally, they seized six motorcycles due to irregularities in the documentation of both the vehicles and the drivers, and arrested two individuals for the alleged illegal possession of bladed weapons.

Cuban authorities ensure that activities of this kind will not be tolerated due to the risks of violence and insecurity they represent.

"Environments like these generate uncertainty and dissatisfaction among the population, and can lead to violence, so actions like these will not be allowed to proliferate in our society," the text states.

This operation is part of the "Zero Tolerance" policy towards crime, illegalities, and social indiscipline in Cuba. The country is experiencing a wave of violence, and the government is trying to deny it.

This weekend, a large fight among young people in Havana made headlines, in front of the Los Monos Farm in the Cerro municipality.

The government denied the deaths of young people during the fight and stated that the incident was related to an unauthorized activity, which led to a disturbance of public order during the movement to the outdoor areas of the recreational facility.

"Unfortunately, the incident caused two injuries which received immediate medical attention without life-threatening risks. There are no fatalities," the government of the capital stated.

The National Revolutionary Police had to intervene in the violent scene, where some witnesses claim that there were teenagers from different gangs carrying knives.

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