Young man assaulted in Holguin will begin rehabilitation with a device that will allow him to stand upright.

The young person is doing breathing exercises, receiving ozone therapy, and following a diet because they have low body fat.

Lester Domínguez Ortiz y una tía © Dennis Domínguez / Facebook
Lester Domínguez Ortiz and an auntPhoto © Dennis Domínguez / Facebook

The young Cuban Lester Domínguez, who has not been able to walk again since he was assaulted in Holguín last March, will start a new rehabilitation technique on Monday aimed at helping him stand upright.

Lester is admitted to the Julio Díaz Hospital in Havana, where he will start using the standing frame, a device that allows a person to be positioned in a bipedal, that is, standing position. This vertical posture prevents musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and other complications.

In addition, the young man is doing respiratory exercises, others for rehabilitation, receiving ozone, and following a diet because he has low fat.

"Feeling very healthy and somewhat optimistic about his recovery," said his father, Dennis Domínguez, on Facebook.

Lester Domínguez started a new rehabilitation last Monday, which also happened to be his 19th birthday.

He traveled from Holguín to Julio Díaz Hospital in Havana in search of other techniques to continue his recovery.

Lester thinks that in two months he may be able to start walking, hoping that this faith will come true with the resources available in that hospital. He tells his followers to take care, as Cuba is currently experiencing a lot of violence and murder, and the laws are very lenient," Dennis said on his Facebook wall.

The young man decided to continue his rehabilitation in Havana after spending a year and three months without being able to take a step. During this time, he has managed to gain more strength in his arms and legs and has regained sensitivity throughout his body. This gives hope to him and his father.

At the end of May, Dennis revealed that he was trying to admit him to the Julito Díaz in order to start some therapy that would allow him to walk again.

At that time, the young man asked him to take him out of the country, after realizing that there are no suitable conditions for his development in Cuba.

"The child sees that everything becomes more difficult with the problems caused by power outages in Cuba and does not have the necessary conditions for such development, he tells me the best way I can help him is by leaving the country," Dennis said.

"We have many relatives abroad and in the end always left with nothing, and so not to be begging for help for their recovery, he tells me to try through Nicaragua. Let me see if I can help him, even if it's the last thing I do in life," he emphasized.

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