Yunior Morales shows grocery shopping in the United States: "This is freedom."

The announcer emigrated to the United States and maintains his critical stance against the government of Cuba.

The Cuban announcer Yunior Morales, who resides in the United States, showed his followers his varied purchases in a supermarket, and assured those living in Cuba that this can only be enjoyed in countries with freedom.

Morales has had a critical stance towards the regime for several years. He is well known in the media of the island and especially on Cuban social networks, where he has shown his support for political prisoners and his desire for the end of communism to come.

Yunior Morales on Facebook

"I am enjoying the blessing of being free, of having dignity and not settling for misery, and accepting that God rewards the brave. How rich, how rich, and how rich!" he said in a Facebook transmission and began to show the things he purchased.

Among the products there were jams, ice creams, cheeses, seasonings, pickles, breads, meats, shrimp, potatoes, and other delights that Cubans cannot taste or usually buy for their homes.

The video has received messages of support and also some criticism for showing food in the face of the shortages experienced by Cubans on the island.

The announcer took the opportunity to denounce the spokesperson of the Cuban State, Humberto López. He accused him of lying in the media and of cooperating in creating fear among the citizens.

It refers to the program "Razones de Cuba" where López showed an alleged case of terrorism, in which a supposed mercenary trained in the Miami exile entered Cuba on a jet ski, carrying five pistols, to destabilize citizen's peace.

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