The Goddess thanks Ivy Queen "for the inspiration, humility, and legacy."

The Cuban singer was one of the guests at an event hosted by the Puerto Rican woman.

La Diosa was one of the guest artists at Ivy Queen's event in Miami, where she presented her new song "De Luto".

The Cuban singer shared a video on Instagram of her meeting with the Puerto Rican singer, and took the opportunity to publicly express her gratitude to "La Caballota" for the example she has set for women in music.

Thank you, Ivy Queen, for the great night, thank you for the inspiration, humility, and legacy, full support for this song 'De Luto'," wrote La Diosa in her post.

In the images, you can see the moment when they greet each other and embrace in a hug that can only be interpreted as the affection and respect between two women who love music.

During this event, La Diosa starred in another great moment alongside El Divo de Placetas. Their reunion was full of kisses and even a runway walk, implying that any disagreements between them have been left behind.

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