Officers threaten independent journalist in Villa Clara

The communicator was warned that, if he did not attend the “interview,” he could be fined 50 CUP pesos for committing a “crime of disobedience.”

El youtuber cubano y periodista independiente, Nelson Julio Álvarez Mairata, joven © Facebook/Nelson Julio Alvarez Mairata
The Cuban YouTuber and independent journalist, Nelson Julio Álvarez Mairata, young Photo © Facebook/Nelson Julio Alvarez Mairata

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Nelson Julio Álvarez Mairata, a young Cuban YouTuber and collaborator of the independent media ADN CUBA, was threatened this Tuesday by State Security agents in Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara.

The communicator was warned that, if he did not attend the “interview,” he could be fined 50 CUP pesos for committing a “crime of disobedience,” according to a complaint on his Facebook profile.

Álvarez later said that thecounterintelligence officers They identified themselves as “Salazar” and Roxana González during the meeting at the headquarters of that repressive organization in the aforementioned municipality. In fact, “Captain Roxana” is the name that appears on the official summons received by the YouTuber, just one hour before the mandatory interview.

“The conversation (…) consisted of drawing attention to my attitudes and journalistic work in virtual spaces. According to them, I collaborate with Diario de Cuba, Cubanet and participate in Radio Martí. They called me to reflect and assure that I could be prosecuted for doing independent journalism (according to them: illegal) without being evaluated,” Álvarez says on his Facebook wall.

He also states that he was questioned for hisleave the country last April, to Trinidad and Tobago, for being under suspicion of links with "counterrevolutionary" groups.

“They asked me if my intention is to leave the country, to which I answered that I do not intend to emigrate permanently. Here they took the opportunity to emphasize that, if he continued leaving and entering the country, they could take action about it,” he says.

Harassment of representatives of the Cuban independent press has increased in recent months in the country, including prohibitions on going abroad.

The Association for Freedom of the Press (APLP) denounced in August of this year different types of attacks suffered by 13 independent Cuban journalists. Among them, arrests, threats, telephone harassment, proposals for collaboration with repressive bodies and intimidating visits to their homes.

Several independent Cuban media joined together in response to the regime's attitudes, toSing a document where they denounce repression and censorship by the Government, while demanding legal recognition of their work as journalists and respect for their right to inform.

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