Millionaire lawsuit against Univision and presenter Tony Dandrades for discrimination

The lawsuit, which could cost $5 million, was filed by entertainer Frederick Martínez for "discrimination and discredit" of Dominican television.

Tony Dandrades © Tony Dandrades/Facebook
Tony Dandrades Photo © Tony Dandrades/Facebook

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The Univision news network and one of its presenters, Tony Andrade, were sued for "discrimination and discredit" by Dominican television this week.

The lawsuit, which could cost up to $5 million dollars, was made by entertainer Frederick Martínez, better known as "El Pachá."

"Our lawyers have taken on this complaint for discrimination and discredit, which means that the Univision network has to compensate the owners of Dominican television programs, the technicians [and] the Dominican artists in money," Martínez said in statements offered to the and on the social network Instagram.

As he indicated, "since 2017 one of his talents, who is more than 20 years old named Tony Dandrade (sic), has taken on the task of discrediting and if he wants to run a systematic campaign [saying] that Dominican television is a shame, that Dominican television is shameful; that Dominican television is useless. All this comes as a result of the Univision network having lost ratings," he added.

He also said that in the "next five days" there would be a response to know if the lawsuit proceeds to seek a sum of "between one and five million dollars."

This sum, he noted, would be distributed among the owners of television channels, artists and Dominican producers.

"The complaint that we make, and the public demand that would have a response in less than five days by the FCC or by the Univision network, it is understood, we would go to court, we would go to the courts to claim financial compensation where we ask that they give him one million to five million dollars to the channel owners, to the Dominican artists of 500 thousand dollars and I Frederick Martínez (el Pachá), my family, my children, my environment has been greatly affected as a figure because many have thousands and "Millions of followers have taken on the task of supporting Mr. Tony Dandrades with this discredit on television and the Univision brand," he said.

According to their statements, because of Dandrades' defamations on Univisón they have lost ratings and therefore economic income.

"A television network does not allow a talent to assume judgment over its competition without having the endorsement of this network. Our business has gone to the floor," he added.

"If there is no financial compensation for the owners of the DR channels, the talents, and technicians, we will agree to request through our lawyers before the FCC to suspend the transmission and its frequency in all the States of the United States of America." the Univision network,” he indicated.

So far, neither Tony Dandrade nor the Univisón network have spoken publicly about the lawsuit.

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