Thousands of kilos of mango rot in the fields of Cuba waiting for transport

The losses due to this situation are already around three thousand pesos (CUP), they stated.

Mangos se desperdician © István Ojeda Bello/Facebook
Mangoes go to waste Photo © István Ojeda Bello/Facebook

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Thousands of kilos of mango rot in the fields of Cuba waiting for transport to take them to marketing centers, despite the food crisis that the country is experiencing.

In the Manatí municipality, in La Tunas, Periódico 26 reporter István Ojeda Bello said that at least 50 boxes of mangoes were lost due to delays in the transportation and marketing of that product in the municipality.

Martha Orsell Adeis, president of the Gonzalo Falcón credit and services cooperative in the territory, confirmed the situation and said that the losses for the producer in question are already around three thousand pesos (CUP).

"And although this Thursday the essential vehicle and containers arrived that allowed us to remove a good amount of the fruits in the middle of the ripening period, there is still a lot to save there because in total," he said.

He also said that seven producers affiliated with that cooperative currently have about 600 quintals of mango on the ground to be picked.

This is not the first time that the abandonment and carelessness of the Cuban government in fruit harvesting in the country has been denounced.

Recently a farmer denounced on Facebook that "150 quintals of pineapple were spoiled due to the poor work and corruption of many leaders" of a factory in Jagüey Grande, Matanzas.

According to him, the leaders "preferred that it rot before selling it to the people with the need we have today and the situation we are in and they only worry about their own interests."

"Because of them I lost 15,000 pesos and then they demand that the farmers collect the products without counting the time it takes to pay," he added.

On one occasion the Cuban Television News published a reportwhere farmers witnessed the deterioration of several tons of fruit as a result of an inefficient and weakened industry.

At that time, more than 2,600 tons of mango of the 6,794 tons produced during the campaign were lost in the crop fields.

Meanwhile, residents on the Island suffer daily shortages and shortages in the country's markets and businesses.

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