Juan Formell's children remember the creator of Los Van Van on his birthday: "I love you daddy"

Los Van Van broadcast live this Monday a concert for Juan Formell's 78th birthday and the International Timba Festival.

Samuel y Vanessa junto a Juan Formell. (imágenes de archivo) © Collage con Facebook de Los Van Van y Vanessa Formell
Samuel and Vanessa with Juan Formell. (archive images) Photo © Collage with Facebook by Los Van Van and Vanessa Formell

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The sons ofJuan Formell, the creator of Los Van Van, remembered the master of Cuban musicon his 78th birthday with heartfelt messages of congratulations and thanks.

"Congratulations dad, you will always be with us every day, in my heart forever, we remember you every minute of the day, becauseYou are our driving force to continue maintaining your family and musical legacy. "I love you daddy, and I miss you so much," he wrote.Samuel Formell on the official website of Los Van Van inFacebook.

Apart From From They will offer a live concert this Monday on that social network to celebrate the birthday of the greatest vanvanero, who would have turned 78 this August 2.

The group invited the vanvaneros not to get lostthe online concert at 7:00 P.M. (Cuba time) on Facebook "celebrating Juan Formell's birthday and the International Timba Festival."

Vanessa Formal He also shared photos and some emotional words for his beloved father:"Today the earth and the sky are celebrating, on a day like today a being full of love and light was born", began.

"He taught me so much... with him I learned about love, music, 'mazacoteos';I improvised the best stories to make me feel good when I was sick, he could spend an entire night hypnotized with his giant hands telling the anecdotes of his experiences, I think he infected everyone he shared with him with that grace," she wrote on her personal page.Facebook.

Vanessa confessed that she is sad, but at the same time very happy "because this being gave me life, I will always be very proud of all the beautiful things he gave us.I will love you eternally daddy, wherever you are today, I dedicate everything to you".

In response to his children's comments, several Cubans pointed out that he was "the greatest, master of salsa."Juan Formell did not die, he only moved into the hearts of those of us who loved him and remember him with love.", "your beautiful words and beautiful photos. Light and joy to the teacher" and "light to your father always. May God bless him, happy birthday teacher."

UnfortunatelyJuan Formell died six years ago when he was 72. But his music remains in the hearts of many Cubans and in the greatest of his legacies, Los Van Van.

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