What you didn't know about the Cuban actress Imaray Ulloa

How old are you? Where was he born? How long have you been living in the United States?

Imaray Ulloa © Instagram de la artista
Why Ulloa Photo © Instagram of the artist

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Why Ulloa has become one of the young actresses and influencers most popular among the Cuban community in Miami. Your Facebook Program Neither moon nor honey, along with his partner and also an actor and comedian Yubrán Luna, enjoys great popularity on social networks.

Here we leave you some things that perhaps you did not know about this beautiful and friendly Cuban actress:

Where were you born and how old are you?

Imaray was born in Sancti Spíritus, but from a very young age she moved to Havana, where she grew up and lived until she left Cuba. He turned 30 this May 19.

How much do you weigh and what size clothes do you wear?

He weighs 112 pounds and wears a size XS or 00.

How long have you been in the United States?

This December 23 marked eight years of starting a new life in the United States and he celebrated it on his social networks.

"Once upon a time... On December 23, 8 years ago, I arrived in this country and since then I lived happily ever after... The end," the artist wrote on Instagram.

Who is your partner?

Imaray is the partner of Cuban comedian Yubrán Luna, with whom she stars in the funny show Neither moon nor honey, that portrays everyday episodes between couples with a good dose of humor.

During his time in the hot seat of TN3, the young woman confessed that she fell in love with Yubrán when she saw him for the first time on television in Miami.

On several occasions, he has said that the 19 years of difference between them does not affect their relationship in any way and that they are very happy and understand each other very well.

How did you meet and how long have you been together?

They met during the filming of the short film The sea and him, and they have been in a relationship for six years.

Some curiosities about Imaray

He washes his hair three times a week, because he exercises a lot.

He doesn't have tattoos.

One of her obsessions is Louis Vuitton brand handbags. He confesses on his social networks that he has tried to buy bags from other fashion houses and always ends up in a French brand store.

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