Toni Costa reacts to rumors about the causes of her separation with Adamari López

"Please do not believe all the lies they are telling, do not get carried away by what they invent," Toni expressed angrily on his social networks.

Toni Costa © Instagram / Toni Costa
Toni Costa Photo © Instagram / Toni Costa

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Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa they announced their separation last week. News that surprised their fans who did not expect that after ten years of relationship and a daughter together they would decide to continue their lives on different paths. Since then, many rumors have arisen about the breakup and the dancer wanted to settle the gossip with a powerful message on social networks.

Through Instagram stories, the Spaniard sent a strong message to all those who are talking without basis about their separation, since both expressed their intention to keep silent about the reasons that led them to make this decision for the good of his daughter Alaïa, his top priority at the moment.

"Unfortunate. Please do not believe all the lies they are telling, do not get carried away by what they invent, all that comes from empty hearts without love. God's timing is perfect," said Toni Costa.

After announcing his separation, the choreographer is taking refuge with his friends and family in Puerto Rico and this weekend he shared some photos playing golf.

Meanwhile, the Puerto Rican presenter of Today He traveled with his daughter Alaïa to Utah (United States) for a friend's wedding, where the little girl took the role of "flower girl" and opened the ceremony with her charm.

By announcing their separation publicly, neither Adamari nor Toni closed the door to a possible reconciliation and there are many who hope that they can resume their relationship.

"After almost 10 years of union and having the joy of procreating our beloved Alaïa together, I have decided to reevaluate the relationship and give ourselves some time to see if we can rescue her," said Adamari in the video that he posted on his social networks to give to know the news.

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