Vania Borges gives the most Cuban version of "Corazón partío" by Alejandro Sanz

The topic has gone viral on Cuban social networks, already accumulating more than 196 thousand views and more than 2,400 comments.

Vania Borges / Alejandro Sanz © Facebook DJ Neno Sandungueate / Instagram de Alejandro Sanz
Vania Borges / Alejandro Sanz Photo © Facebook DJ Neno Sandungueate / Instagram by Alejandro Sanz

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The Cuban divaVania Borges has done it again, he stole the hearts of thousands of people with a very intimate download, in which he performs "Corazón Partío" byAlejandro Sanz.

The video was shared by Facebook user DJ Neno Sandungueate. It is recorded in a festive atmosphere. Vania appears sitting and it is inferred that she is surrounded by good friends when a song begins to play.background from "Corazón Partío".

The Cuban with her powerful voice takes control of the scene. From any house in Havana, his singing unleashes magic for lovers of good music, filin, bolero, and song.

The version of the well-known musical theme has gone viral on the social networks of Cubans and also of followers of Latin music in the world. Accumulate more than196 thousand reproductions and more than 2,400 comments.

This is a song that Vania masters very well and has taken it to her field more than once. He has sung it live in his concerts and has also left it on recordings.

"Broken heart" was one of the songs by the Spanish musician and composer included in the Cuban singer's first solo album. The CD came out in 2006 and he dedicated it entirely to the work ofAlejandro Sanz. It was titled "Vania En Clave De Bolero".

In 2014, Vania assured during ainterview who has been a lover of Alejandro Sanz's songs since he was very young.

"I had the opportunity to participate in the album 'Cuba le canta a Serrat' and some Spanish producers were interested in my work. In the recording process,Emilio Vega I told them that I liked this singer-songwriter's music and they proposed it to Alejandro Sanz. That's how that record production materialized," he said.

That album, of boleros with nuances of Latin jazz, came out to the world with the support of the labelBlue and produced by the pianistEmilio Vega. Other songs that stood out are the versions of "You don't have a soul" or "Amiga mia" in Vania's unmistakable voice.

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