Professor Rolando Veitía travels to Cuba after two months admitted to Spain

The medical attention of the judo coach is also guaranteed since his arrival in Havana.

Profesor Rolando Veitía viaja rumbo a Cuba © Twitter/Gisleidy Sosa
Professor Rolando Veitía travels to Cuba Photo © Twitter/Gisleidy Sosa

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Cuban women's judo coach Ronaldo Veitía Valdivié is already traveling to Cuba with his son, after two months hospitalized in Spain, according to sports authorities on the Island.

“As a result of efforts shared by#InderCuba and#EmbaCubaSpain The beloved professor Ronaldo Veitía and his companion are already traveling to the homeland. Medical care has also been assured since his arrival in Havana,” the director of International Relations of INDER, Gisleidy Sosa, reported this Monday on Twitter.

The trip of the coach and his companion has been assumed by the Cuban sports institution, maintains the official platform Cubadebate, which adds in its report that the professor flies to the island “with the greatest facilities” for his delicate state of health.

They also reiterate that their medical care is guaranteed from their arrival at the Havana international airport.

Ronaldo Veitía Quiñones, the coach's son, had already said in his profileFacebook that the Cuban Consulate in SpainHe had already confirmed that his father would return to Cuba at any moment and that he was going to accompany him.

"It has been his wish from day one: to return to his beloved land," he stressed.

On that occasion, Veitía Quiñones thanked the Cuban consul, the INDER and all the people who gave her support so that her father could see his desire fulfilled.

"To the many who show their love and gratitude towards my father, I thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the entire family. There are two things that have always been inalienable for my father: Judo and Cuba. Thank Godwill have the opportunity to return and feel how much he has given to his country with all his heart, is being reciprocated with the affection and admiration of the people," he expressed.

Last Thursday,Veitía's son asked for help to transfer him to Cuba, and explained that INDER and the Cuban Consulate offered him two air tickets: one for his father, in a delicate state of health, and another for a companion.

Although he wanted to travel with his father, he could not do so because his Cuban passport had expired, and the authorities informed him that the renewal process would take up to two months.

For this reason, he requested help from the Cuban government or an international health organization to be able to urgently process his passport, or a safe passage that would allow him to accompany his father on his return to Cuba and immediately return to Spain, the country where he has lived for 17 years. .

"It is a shame that a person who has given countless glories to Cuban sport is suffering so much right now, and that after more than 2 months in the hospital he cannot be accompanied by someone who has been by his side during this time for a procedure. bureaucratic, but what is really important now is his urgent transfer to Cuba," demanded Veitía Quiñones.

In mid-September, Professor Veitía's eldest children, Ihosvany and Dieter, reported thatHis father would return to the Island in those days.

After six weeks hospitalized in Alicante, Spain, the glory of Cuban judo could not recover from a syncope suffered weeks ago.

The 74-year-old coach has been in Spain for about five months with his son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren, in the Valencian province of Alicante.

Considered one of the best women's judo coaches in the world, he served for three decades as a coach for the Cuban team, which he led to a total of 24 Olympic medals: five gold, nine silver and 10 bronze.

In November 2021his wife, Mercedes Rodríguez Caballero, died.

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