Pistacubana suspends Fernando Bécquer after being found guilty of sexual abuse

The decision can be reversed once the musician has served his sentence, explained those responsible for the Cuban music catalog.

El trovador Fernando Bécquer © Facebook / Fernando Bécquer
The troubadour Fernando Bécquer Photo © Facebook / Fernando Bécquer

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The portalPistacubana, specialized in Cuban music and composers, deleted the singer-songwriter from its recordsFernando Becquer after being found guilty of committing sexual abuse.

The decision may be reversed once the musician has served his sentence, explained those responsible for the Cuban music catalog, specifying that the exclusion will remain "as long as the sentence imposed lasts."

Screenshot Facebook / Pistacubana

"The portalPistacubana has decided to suspend the records of the troubadour Fernando Bécquer, taking into account the judicial sentence that has just been handed down in Havana for the crime of lasciviousness, which determined a sanction of 5 years without internment," the portal indicated in a statement published last year. Thursday in hiswebsite.

The day before,the troubadour was found guilty of committing sexual abuse against women and sentenced to five years of limitation of freedom,a measure that did not satisfy several of the people involved in the legal process.

After a trial held last Tuesday for more than 12 hours,which was attended by about 30 victims who testified against the troubadour for committing violent actions of a sexual nature without their consent, Bécquer was found guilty of committing sexual abuse against women.

“We consider that it is not pertinent that promotion mechanisms be offered to him and his work in any form withinPistacubana", declared the portal, taking into account "the seriousness of the event and the social impact of his crime" and expressing its solidarity and support for the victims.

The musician's sentence has not been published at the moment, which is why there remains a certain confusion about its exact terms. While some of those involved in the case speak of “five years of correctional work without internment,” others believe that the musician was only sentenced to “five years of limitation of freedom.”

On a clarifying note,Pistacubana He acknowledged not knowing the exact terms of the sentence, but expressed his confidence “in the people, in some cases recognized Cuban intellectuals, who have given evaluations on social networks and other media, and in the details offered by some of the victims who “They went to trial.”

For this reason, the site will prevent access to Bécquer's 10 registered songs that are part of his catalog, as well as any "reference to counts, or news related to his work."

“The links that still persist in the search engines only lead to a page clarifying that the requested records are not available, until over a period of time all reference disappears,” indicated the specialized site.

Although he acknowledged that “restricting access to our content” is not part of the company's policy.Pistacubana, the portal assured that it was time to take the first step. “First step that will require new decisions of this nature from now on.”

“Until the day of the ruling, Fernando Bécquer's data could be found in our catalogue, which already includes more than 6,000 artists. From October 19, 2022, starting at 8:00 p.m., the Cuban singer-songwriter will not be able to be indexed or consulted, and his posts will not be compiled in any media,” he added.

The sentence for sexual abuse of the troubadour, considered lax by Cuban civil society actors such as the platformI do believe you in Cuba, generated controversy and indignation. “The limitation of freedom as a subsidiary sanction to the deprivation of freedom is excessively benign, to the point of contemplating the possibility of canceling criminal records once it is completed,” noted the feminist platform.

"You gave me a great promotion"Bécquer said in September in a text via Messenger to journalist Mario Luis Reyes, author of the report published in December 2021 byThe sneeze, where five young Cuban women denounced the troubadour for sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the Cuban Ministry of Culture have been distant and evasive regarding the matter, without commenting on the case until its resolution by the courts. Public and private spaces welcomed the troubadour while he was being investigated.

“We clarify that our decision has no relation to the policy to be followed in this case by Cuban radio and television,” he said.Pistacubana in his statement, taking an exemplary step in cases of sexual crimes committed by public figures of Cuban art and music.

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