They capture Fernando Bécquer walking through Vedado after conviction for sexual abuse

The troubadour's case has caused controversy and the sentence has been considered insufficient by various civil society actors who see the convicted person's limited freedom regime as a danger to women from a sexual predator.

Fernando Bécquer se pasea por el Vedado habanero © Facebook / Adelth Bonne Gamboa
Fernando Bécquer walks through Havana's Vedado Photo © Facebook / Adelth Bonne Gamboa

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The Cuban singer-songwriterFernando Becquer, sentenced to five years of limited freedom for committing sexual abuse against thirty women, was captured this Tuesday walking through Havana's Vedado.

“Today the pig of Bécquer, abuser of more than 30 women and sentenced (according to the dictatorship) to 5 years of house arrest, walks through the streets of Vedado as if nothing had happened…” said the activistAdelth Bonne Gamboa on their social networks, sharing images of the troubadour walking down a street.

Screenshot Facebook / Adelth Bonne Gamboa

The musician's case has caused controversy and the sentence has been considered insufficient by various actors in civil society and women's rights activism.

“The limitation of freedom as a subsidiary sanction to the deprivation of freedom is excessively benign, to the point of contemplating the possibility of canceling the criminal record once it is completed. And this has been happening for years in cases of lewd abuse even against girls, boys and adolescents, under the silence of this dysfunctional institutionality.Shame, a thousand times shame", expressed the feminist platformIYesI Believe in Cuba.

Furthermore, they considered that “this sentence does not compensate his victims, who at least can now close this long cycle of revictimization, cyberbullying and delay in trial,” nor does it “contain a sexual predator or protect potential future victims,” although, They emphasize, “it does send a message of permissiveness of the Cuban State towards lascivious abuse and even of minors.”

“This is the ‘revolutionary justice’ that the FMC refers to,” Bonne Gamboa indicated in her post this Tuesday, referring to the lukewarm statements of the ruling Federation of Cuban Women that, through its general secretary,Teresa Boue, expressed that “according to due process, [Bécquer's] sanction is not yet final.”

“Both the victims, the Prosecutor's Office and the accused have the right to appeal.We will accompany the victims from the FMC if they decide to do so", indicated the organization in its brief statement through Twitter.

Other members of theCuban civil society independent tooThey considered the sanction against the troubadour outrageous.

For the journalistJosé Raúl Gallego, Cuba is a “country where you receive up to 20 years in prison for going out on the streets to ask for freedom; But if you praise the regime you can sexually assault dozens of women (including minors) for several decades and receive as a sentence five years of correctional work without confinement, to be served in your home, in the same house where the crimes were committed.”

For her part, the independent journalistMonica Baró, who accompanied the journalistMario Luis Reyes in the investigation ofThe sneeze, considered that the sanction against Becquer “is a shitty sentence.”

“In Cuban prisons there are hundreds of people imprisoned for going out on the street with a sign, for expressing their disagreement with this regime, who face sentences three times longer. And this subject, who caused harm, who generated trauma, who drastically affected the lives of so many women, some before they were of age, is going to spend just five years comfortable at home or I don't know where,” argued Baró.

As he considered, “this man [Bécquer] is a real danger to society. It is not only an elementary question of justice towards his victims that he is behind bars but also of protection towards other possible victims.”

Bonne Gamboa also expressed himself in that sense in his publication this Tuesday. “If you see him [Bécquer] on the street, don't stand idly by. He is a criminal who is on the loose with the complicity of the Cuban Dictatorship,” he denounced.

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