Two young people caught hunting ducks in a Miami condominium. Is it illegal?

Florida authorities explain that Muscovy ducks are an invasive species, therefore a permit is not required for their removal.

Two young people were caught hunting Muscovy or Creole ducks in a condominium in Cutler Bay, Florida.

“Is there any law that prevents them from taking ducks? This morning around 9am these two guys stole about 30 ducks. “This happened on SW 227th St inside The Shore condominium,”The Cutler Bay Social account said on Instagram last week, who shared the video of the event.

Although users have speculated online that the thieves are recently arrived Cubans, the truth is that this information has not been confirmed.

In the comments to the Cutler Bay Social publication, several Internet users wondered if there are no laws that protect animals from this vandalism, but Florida authorities explain thatAs an invasive species, a permit is not required for its removal.

Of course, in the elimination of musculoskeletal ducks, humane live capture methods must be used, generally using nets or cage traps, explains the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC).

Muscovy ducks are native to Mexico, Central America, South America, and some parts of Texas, but populations can be found throughout the state, with the largest being in Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Meyers, Tampa, and Orlando. .

This species can create problems due to competition with native species, property damage, and disease transmission.

Thus, the release of Muscovy ducks is prohibited in Florida because they can transmit diseases or interbreed with native Florida waterfowl.

Additionally, muckeye populations can increase rapidly, which can lead to conflicts between neighbors, excessive nutrient loading in small ponds, and untidy sidewalks and paths, FFWCC information states.

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