Fabian Fontaine celebrates 17 years in the United States with Imaray Ulloa

The doctor only has words of gratitude to the North American country.

The Cuban doctorFabian Fontaine is celebrating! The popular plastic surgeon is celebrating 17 years of starting a new life in the United States.

The doctor, very famous among the Latin community of Miami, wanted to celebrate the date in a very special way and what better way to do it than with someone who has become his inseparable life partner, the Cuban influencerWhy Ulloa.

Fabian Fontaine uploaded a photo to his Instagram stories in which he can be seen dining with the happiest young woman in a restaurant while they both toast with a glass of wine.

"Night of celebration for my 17 years in this country",the doctor wrote.

Fabian Fontaine / Instagram

In addition to the image, the doctor uploaded a video in which he only has words of gratitude for the United States, for having given him the opportunity to start again living in freedom and fulfill himself both personally and professionally.

"Today I am celebrating, December 20, but in 2006, 17 years ago, I arrived in this great country, which welcomed me and gave me the opportunity to remake myself, reinvent myself, to start a new life with dignity, with freedom. I "It has allowed me to realize my dreams."said the doctor.

Then he added:"I left Cuba, an oppressed territory in Latin America, to look for opportunities and this country gave them to me. May God bless the United States for its greatness."

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