They report the disappearance of a girl in Havana

The minor resides in Alamar, in the Habana del Este municipality.

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Cuban girl missing Photo © Social networks

A 13-year-old Cuban girl residing in The symbol, in the Habana del Este municipality, has been missing since Wednesday, as announced this Friday inFacebook the Yo SíTeCreo platform in Cuba.

The minor, identified asPriscila Gómez Valladares, was last seen on the morning of February 7 when she left her home in Zone 1 of Alamar, behind the Mercado de los Rusos, in Habana del Este.

"Priscila was wearing the regulation uniform consisting of a white blouse and dark blue skirt. She is short (approximately 1.20 meters), thin, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. She did not have a cell phone with her", added the aforementioned source.

Capture of Facebook/YoYesTeCreo in Cuba

The family made the corresponding complaint to the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) and anyone who has any information should call +5358044689 or +5353819643.

The initial complaint had been made on Thursday night by Yannery Lafita Rojas in a Facebook group of residents in Habana del Este.

Capture of Facebook/Yannery Lafita Rojas in Group

In recent hours, the influencer Edmundo Dantés Jr. stated thatThe girl lives with her grandmother because her parents are not in Cuba and that when the minor left home she was carrying a Vans brand backpack that had a laptop.

Facebook screenshot/Edmundo Dantés Jr.

In the comments section of the publications, some sources familiar with the case have specified that the minorHe studies at the Basic Secondary School People's Republic of Angola, information that is not confirmed so far.

In recent hours the CubanMichel Gomez - who identified himself as the father of the minor and apparently resides in Orlando - also made the report on social networks of his daughter's disappearance in Cuba.

Facebook capture/Michel Gómez

As of the closing of this note, there are no other details about the case.

Reports of Cubans missing are becoming more frequent in recent months, as well as the publication of requests for help through social networks to obtain information, in the midst of a context of growing violence in the country.

Unfortunately, minors do not escape reports of disappearances in Cuba, although fortunately so far such cases usually have a satisfactory conclusion.

In recent days it was news that Melisa Suárez Rodríguez, a 13-year-old girl living in Chambas, Ciego de Ávila, whoHe had been missing for two weeks., appeared safe and sound in the city of Ciego de Ávila.

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