Crazy week on Miami roads

A compendium of images, shared through social networks, confirms that driving in Miami can become an adventure full of surprises.

The imagination of some Miami residents is enhancedwhen they drive on their roads, as the images shared by social media users showed this Sunday.

Apick-up at full speed without a tire, with a bare tire, it caused astonishment among those who saw it. Some young people doing pirouettes on a motorcycle in the middle of a busy street end up causing an accident.

The driver of a car traveling at high speed on a highway decides to get out through the window. With his torso out and sitting on the window frame of the vehicle, the man gestures and jokes with the occupants of another car.

These and other images, such as the one of the car traveling at full speed on a highway with a motorcycle embedded in its front, were shared by the incident siteOnly in Dade, in what has become a saga that never ceases to surprise.

The stereotype of Miami as a city where drivers drive "like a beast" is already well known, however, the "animals" of some continue to cause surprise.

Why does a Miami resident decide one day to drive his car down the highway, with the door open and one flip-flop-clad foot scraping the pavement? A mystery. Like the one that surrounds two women who decide to ride in a Ferrari convertible with towels wrapped around their heads.

What motivates someone else to transport six mattresses on the roof of their small utility vehicle? How is it possible for a third party to drive undisturbed while shaving his beard with an electric razor?

Images like these, and others just as irrational, were shared by the aforementioned event site, where evidence continues to accumulate that among Miami drivers there are some who are singular specimensthose who have to be fed separately.

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