Imaray Ulloa enjoys the carnivals of Brazil and the Amazon with her boyfriend Fabián Fontaine

Imaray Ulloa and Fabián Fontaine immerse themselves in the festivities of carnivals and the beauty of the Amazon, sharing their trip on Instagram.

Imaray Ulloa and Fabian Fontaine They are enjoying the most colorful time of the year in Brazil: the carnivals. A unique experience that the lovebirds are taking full advantage of, who have shared videos and images on their social networks of this dream vacation they are living.

The famous influencer and YouTuber shared several posts on Instagram from her trip to Brazil. A getaway in which they have had the opportunity to visitthe Amazon, but also to enjoy the Carnivals. And of course, Imaray Ulloa has taken the opportunity to record some of those fun videos that accumulate millions of views on his social networks.

"In the most intricate part of the Amazon surrounded by piranhas, crocodiles, panthers, monkeys, leopards and cobras... I felt at home," she wrote alongside one of the publications, in which she also uploaded a photo with the Cuban surgeon.

Of course, what is never lacking in the couple's getaways is the content creator's sense of humor and witticisms.

The Cuban woman's videos are very popular on the social networks of Instagram and TikTok, where they accumulate millions of views.

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