Mawell thanks Luis Silva for mentioning it: "Mawell's camera that catches the moon"

"Thank you teacher for the mention," the reggaeton player commented on a promotional video of the popular Cuban actor.

HeMawell's phone He continues to give something to talk about and his camera, serving as a starting point for allusions and jokes.

One of the last to mention it has beenLuis Silva who, in the middle of a video of promotional content where he appears accompanied by Chequera and Isidoro, cannot resist alluding to the 'range' of the reggaeton singer's phone camera.

"Mawell's camera, which captures the moon, incredible yes, you have to look for that camera to see if there is gasoline on the moon," says Luis Silva, characterized as Pánfilo in the video where they talk about services, possibilities and the Cubatel application.

"Thank you teacher for the mention," Mawell commented to Luis Silva.

After that, he shared the fragment of thesketch where the comedian mentions him. "Att. The most viral in your country," closed the message that accompanied the post.

"To see if there is gasoline on the moon he says"; "Hahaaha the moon, tough Mawell"; "Mawell's phone that the lula picks up (the moon the moon)" is read among the reactions to the post of the singer who is currently on tour in Europe, where he has already performed in cities in Spain and has visited places such as the Roman Colosseum orThe Vatican.

Luis Silva, for his part, gave the good news a few days ago thatThey were recording new episodes of the popular comedy seriesLive the story.

And precisely working on the series, Marlon Pijuan was seen in an image uploaded a few hours ago to hisstories, which also includes Luis Silva and Mario Sardiñas.

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