Cuban after 4 years living in Canada: "If there's one thing I haven't considered, it's turning back"

The "I'm Cuban" from a young woman in Canada goes viral.

Cuban tiktoker @claudia_cristina95 has been living in Canada for four years, and to celebrate he created his own version of the"I am Cuban", a trend that has gone viral on social networks with which women on the island share the customs that identify them.

In the case of this young Cuban, she did it in her version "I am Cuban in Canada" to celebrate the four years she has been living in the country.

"Today 4 years ago I arrived in this country alone, scared to death, lost, but with many dreams to achieve. I couldn't find a better video than this to remember that day. And if you are Cuban, be honest and tell me which of these happened to you" , wrote the model and dancer at the bottom of the video.

"I spent almost a year going anywhere with my passport for fear that a police officer would stop me and ask for identification,""I am Cuban in Canada and I have high enough self-esteem to speak in English or French anywhere and with anyone" or "I've had to go through work to get ahead but if there's one thing I've never considered, it's turning back," are some of the things that stand out in the video.

Furthermore, showing some pink boots with heels, he said that those were the first boots he bought when he arrived to walk in the snow.

After the video went viral, tiktoker @claudia_cristina95 made her second part of "I'm Cuban."

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