Young Cuban dies of stomach paralysis while scuba diving

The young man died after entering the sea after having had lunch and alone. He was lost on Thursday the 22nd and the body was recovered on the 23rd. He was from Manicaragua, Villa Clara, but he had been in Havana for years.

Joven cubano fallecido © Facebook / Defensa de la pesca submarina en Cuba / Rafael Moreno
Young Cuban deceased Photo © Facebook / Defense of underwater fishing in Cuba / Rafael Moreno

A young Cuban died due to stomach paralysis while scuba diving in Cojimar, a well-known fishing town in Eastern Havana.

Rafael Moreno, member of the group ofFacebook "Defense of underwater fishing in Cuba" shared photos of the deceased, calledWe are still.

Maikel Zamora, also a fisherman and personal friend of the victim, revealed that Forensic Medicine determined that TulioHe suffered stomach paralysis because he went fishing at 1:00 pm, having just finished eating lunch.

"He was lost on the 22nd and the body was recovered on the 23rd.", accurate.

Facebook capture / Defense of underwater fishing in Cuba / Rafael Moreno

The deceased young man was a native of Manicaragua, Villa Clara, but for a few years he had been in Havana.

"He died after coming in after having had lunch and being alone at the time of what happened."clarified the author of the post.

"I'm going to miss him, not only was he good at fishing, he was also a good barber," added a Havana native.

In recent months, several deaths of underwater fishermen have been reported in Cuba.

About 10 days ago, a resident on the Isle of Youth andfather of a little girl died while spearfishing in waters of its territory.

The young man, identified as Joaquín Carmona Vázquez, drowned while trying to catch a Guasa grouper - also known as a giant grouper - and the fish dragged him towards an eye of water, from where the fisherman could not resurface.

"My brother lost his life looking for sustenance to feed his daughter. A giant grouper dragged him into a body of water without anyone being able to help him," Ernesto Carmona, the victim's brother who resides in the United States, wrote on Facebook.

"They found him tangled at the bottom of a water hole," he lamented.

Event reporter Niover Licea stated that the deceased fisherman was 33 years old.

At the end of August, after several days of searching, the man was found dead on the shore of Siboney Beach, in Santiago de Cuba.lifeless body of Andro Martínez Morange, a 34-year-old underwater fisherman.

Apparently, the young man, father of a five-year-old child, would have entered the sea through Sardinero, a small beach in the town of El Salao that has a long history of drownings. It is presumed that he drowned and that his body was dragged by sea currents to the shore.

Days before, rescue and rescue forces found thebody of Yanier Aguilar Rodríguez, 32, a spearfisherman who went fishing to Esmeralda beach, in the Rafael Freyre municipality, Holguín, where he allegedly gave him ablackout (stop breathing until you faint), as revealed in the official profile "Realidades desde Holguín."

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