Family of missing girl denies rumors circulating online

The family maintains faith that the minor has been found safe and sound.

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Relatives ofLali Paola Moliner, the three-year-old girl whoshe is missing in Havana Since February 25, they have denied rumors circulating on social networks about the alleged discovery of the minor's lifeless body, and ask for respect for the family, which still maintains hope of finding her safe and sound.

"Please, the girl is still missing. Those reports that are circulating on the internet that the girl was found dead are pure lies...We have faith that she will return to the family safe and sound. Please share this post",wrote on Facebook Geyssel Ponce Govenco, a relative of the girl residing in the United States who was one of the first to report the disappearance online at the end of last month.

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"To all those who are uploading posts with false information, have a little respect and sensitivity", wrote Rosana Álvarez Mayarí.

"We, who are family members, are incapable of giving this information without being completely certain. Do not forget that we all go through the loss of a family member. Respect," he added.

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"TodayIt's been eight days since my cousin appeared lifeless on the coast and her daughter still hasn't appeared."If anyone sees her or knows something, please don't delay in letting us know, I don't know what to think," Rosana Álvarez Mayarí herself had previously written in a publication in which she reiterated the request for help and questioned the null effectiveness of the authorities so far.

“I'm fuming, because I'm sure that if they put a bomb in a hotel, or in the Capitol, or a foreigner disappears, they will appear in less than 24 hours,” she complained.

The last time Lali Paola Moliner was seen she was in the company of her mother, Teresa Moliner Bosa, 24 years old.

Moliner Bosa left on Sunday, February 25, heading to Cojímar from his parents' house, in the Bahía district, both towns in the Habana del Este municipality. Since thenThey had no further news of them.

On Monday the 26th, the woman's lifeless body was found on the coast and there was no trace of her daughter.

In recent days, in response to the insistent recommendation from Internet users who asked that they find out about the girl's father as the person who could have her, Geysell Govenco clarified thatThe minor's father is in prison.

Arseni Moliner, the girl's uncle, revealed in statements to14 September that there is an active police search. Regarding the discovery of his sister's body, he said thatThey do not know if his death was due to natural causes or murder, as the police have not provided that information to the family.

Moliner said that his sister was buried in the Regla cemetery and that when they saw the body they noticed that her face was quite bruised. The deceased young woman was not carrying her belongings or her mobile phone when she was found.

The family has released the following phone numbers so that anyone with information about the girl's whereabouts can contact: 58385107, 53161904, 59040389 and 51976232.

Family sources have stated that they are concerned about the minor's health, because she has allergy problems and suffers from severe asthma attacks.

Official media have not commented so far on the case, which adds to the growing wave of citizen insecurity that afflicts the country.

Reports of disappearances of Cubans have become more frequent in recent months, as well as the publication of requests for help through social networks to obtain information, in the midst of a context of growing violence in the country.

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