Young Cuban missing in Mayabeque was seen in Sancti Spíritus: The family begs for help

The family of Cuban Leudis Rodríguez Marrero reiterates the request for help to find the young man's whereabouts.

Kateryn Sánchez Marrero, cousin of Leudis Rodríguez Marrero, young man who has been missing since March 1, indicated in a recent update on the case that his cousin was seen in Arroyo Blanco, in the province of Sancti Spíritus, and reiterated the request for help in locating his relative.

“My cousin is still missing. Another day runs and we continue with more questions than answers. Today a person known to paternal relatives reported that my cousin was seen yesterday in Arroyo Blanco, this in Sancti Spíritus, they sent a photo today"said Sánchez Marrero when announcing what represents a turn in the case.

The young woman stated that, according to what they were told, her relative stayed on a farm in the same town and when the police managed to arrive, after hours, the owner of the farm - which was apparently called “La Doña” - said that he had already left. had gone.

According to the testimony of the owner of the property, the young man who was supposedly Leudis Rodríguez had stayed at the place in the company of another boy and both had left the place early in the morning.

“According to the police, they moved towards another nearby town called Taguasco and were bound for the dam known as Embalse Lebrije. “This is the time when there is no clear answer.”, lamented the young woman, who noted that the version of the Nueva Paz farm where she worked, in the province of Mayabeque, is also not clear.

“On the farm where he disappeared, more things happen for which there is no answer and which sow more doubt”Kateryn added without offering other details.

“Please, people of Arroyo Blanco, Jatibonico, Taguasco, help us share, please, and if anyone sees him, please hold him or at least take a photo of him so we can know if it is him or not. Please help", he added.

(Photo: Facebook/KaterynSanchez)

“We don't know what else to think anymore. “Uncertainty is killing us”concluded the cousin of the missing young man, who reiterated the telephone numbers where any news can be reported.

Those numbers are: 8133000052 and 8137248387 or 53843434 and 54526096 and 54690801.

In another more recent publication, the young woman reiterated the request for help and stressed that “Any detail is valid and can be helpful.”

(Photo: Facebook/KaterynSanchez)

Leudis Rodríguez Marrero has been missing since Friday, March 1. Until the recent update that located him in Sancti Spíritus, the young man had last been seen in the Nueva Paz municipality, in the Mayabeque province, where

They are desperate and a cousin has promised a reward to anyone who offers accurate information about the whereabouts of Rodríguez Marrero, although she did not specify the amount of money.

Approximate location where the missing young man was last seen

“I am offering a reward to anyone who helps us find his whereabouts. “This is serious, please, this is a human being and an impeccable boy.”wrote on Facebook, Kateryn Sánchez, a cousin of Leudis living outside the country who has been actively posting on social networks in recent days in search of help.

In another publication, Sánchez expressed concern about the change in the versions of those around his relative about the last time they saw him.

A native of Santiago de Cuba and resident in the town of El Cristo, specifically on the Minas Highway, Leudis Rodríguez Marrero was in Nueva Paz because he worked there on the farm of Alejandro Sepúlveda Vega, who reported the disappearance of the young man upon noticing his absence from work.

The land where Rodríguez Marrero worked is located in Nueva Paz, in the old Campeche Camp, today Finca 'El Peniche'. Since his disappearance, his cell phone has been turned off to any calls.

The father of two children, the young man has been described by his family and friends as a quiet and hard-working young man.
At the time of writing, there are no other confirmed details about the strange case.

Reports of disappearances of Cubans have become more frequent in recent months, as well as the publication of requests for help through social networks to obtain information, in the midst of a context of growing violence in the country.

At this time, the search remains active for the young Karildi Marín, 24 years old, whoHe has been missing since the night of December 14. That day the young woman, who lives in Párraga, in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, in Havana, went to a party in Cerro and her family never heard from her again.

Much more recent is the disappearance ofLali Paola Moliner, a three-year-old Cuban girl residing in the Bahía neighborhood, in the Habana del Este municipality, who has been missing since Sunday, March 3. In that case, the minor was last seen in the company of her mother, whose body was found on March 4 on the coast of Cojímar.

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