Is there collaboration coming? Charly and Johayron catch Jay Wheeler's attention: "I want to hear it"

Charly & Johayron capture the attention of Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Jay Wheeler: "What he sang sounds beautiful"

Charly y Johayron They continue to make their way among international artists and after being seen with Lenny Tavárez, they caught the attention of another urban exponent from Puerto Rico:Jay Wheeler!

Like the Cuban duo, Jay Wheeler masters romantic lyrics, so it was not a surprise that during the interview with Maiky Backstage they asked him about him. "Do you have a song that Jay can listen to?" the Puerto Rican interviewer asked, to which Johayron launched into a song.

"What if I told you that you are art? That on Mondays I want to wake up with you, wake you up with caresses every Tuesday, and on cold Wednesdays be your shelter," Johayron sang, and sure enough, Jay Wheeler responded!

In the post that Maiky Backstage shared, the Puerto Rican artist commented:"I want to listen to it recorded to see how it sounds, but what he sang sounds beautiful". "Thank you for the opportunity, we'll send you privately," they responded from the Cuban duo's account.

The fans of the Cubans are very excited about this possible collaboration and they let them know in the comments board: "I knew this moment would come. I predicted it and so it will be", "A great opportunity and a dream that will come true ", "Ufff if Jay rides, it would be another level" or "There are a million humble reasons to be able to help these young talents from my country Cuba...Give him the opportunity to sneak into the ranks of your romantikeo... "God is first and urges the just and the humble."

Jay Wheeler reacciona a Charly y Johayron
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During the interview, Charly & Johayron also revealed that they have a collaboration on the way with another Puerto Rican: Randy, with whom they have recorded a supporting song.

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