Photo of Havana in 1990 heats up debate on social networks: "We don't even have that anymore"

"What will happen to the life of the guy with the glasses?" asked one user. His doubt generated laughter and hypotheses.

Ruta 222 en La Habana © Alexander Ifaladdé en Facebook Fotos de La Habana
Route 222 in Havana Photo © Alexander Ifaladdé on Facebook Photos of Havana

A photo of theRoute 222 inHavana, taken in the 1990s, is generating debate on social networks, where many people claim that the current reality on the island is worse.

The userAlexander Ifaladdé shared the snapshot in the groupFacebook Photos of Havana, with a suggestive text: "Who remembers this route and what section it covered?"

Facebook Photos of Havana

It's about theRoute 222 and, as indicated in the comments, it covered the route from the municipalityLa Lisa to Central Park, in Center Havana.

This season is marked bysad memories for many Cubans, like the death of passengers traveling in such inhumane conditions.

"What anguish to get on those routes! The fights, the pickpocket, the shameless person who hit you, the children hanging from the windows. A child was killed there when he hit a pole. How sad, we are a continuation of the disaster," said one person.

HeSpecial Period It is remembered for a deep fuel crisis, blackouts, transportation problems and food shortages, but Cubans assure that it is little if we compare those terrible living conditions with the current situation in the country.

"How can I not remember those packed buses that I rode in my distant youth. (...) I was born with the revolution, in 1962, and I had never seen thiscountry so destroyed, and impoverished. "I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel or the real solutions," said a Cuban.

There were also those who took a humorous look at the photo and asked themselves with sarcasm: "What will become of the life of the one with the glasses?"referring to a passenger who was traveling hanging from the bus, in the foreground, as if it were an Indiana Jones movie. His doubt generated laughter and various hypotheses.

Cubans have interacted with the snapshot from different philosophies of life, but they agree on a common view: "Nothing has changed. The country is still in poverty. We are faithful to that condition, despite thenew rich in Cuba".

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