Viral: John Cena goes completely naked on stage at the 2024 Oscars

It was a nod to a moment that occurred fifty years ago when a man came out naked at the Academy gala.

The most important night in the world of cinema was celebrated this Sunday, March 10 in Los Angeles, where the 96th edition of the Oscar Awards took place. An awards ceremony in which there were several notable moments, but without a doubt, none as surreal as the one experienced whenJohn Cena appeared completely naked on stage to announce the winner of the 'Best Costume Design' statuette.

The WWE wrestler came out naked after a fun interaction with presenter Jimmy Kimmel, who before John Cena came out naked on stage, recalled when 50 years ago a spontaneous man ran naked when David Niven introduced Elizabeth Taylor.

"Can you imagine a naked man running across the stage today?"Kimmel asked on air, waiting for John Cena to run across the stage. Although he did not run away, he did come out naked, meticulously covering his private parts with the envelope that contained the name of the category winner.

The moment that Kimmel and Cena remembered occurred at the gala organized by the Academy in 1974.

Now, 50 years later, they relived the moment with this wink that, without a doubt, left more than one of those present with their mouths open, like Margot Robbie. A moment that went viral on social networks and was one of the most talked about of the evening.

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