Religious say goodbye to deceased young Cuban with songs in central Havana street

The deceased young man lived in the municipality of Diez de Octubre, in Havana.

A young Abakuá Cuban who died at the beginning of this week was bid farewell with songs by his religious brothers, as evidenced by a video shared on social networks that shows the emotionality of the moment.

The death ofLázaro Felipe Hernández Pérez, resident on Tamarindo Street, in the neighborhood ofSantos Suarez, in the Havana municipality ofOct. 10, has filled those close to him with pain, as reflected in the hundreds of comments on networks that in recent hours do not believe the unexpected news.

In the published images, a group of men are seen carrying the coffin in the middle of a central street in Havana - which appears to be the Calzada de Diez de Octubre - along which cars circulate, while the mourners sing songs and move the coffin towards front and back.

Reports from relatives on social networks reveal that the young man died of a heart attack.

"Why did you leave, why didn't God give you another chance, my ecobio. I have a lot of pain and I feel bad. May God have you in glory", Internet user "Yeise Andre" wrote on Facebook next to the video.

Facebook Capture/Yeise Andre

"My fool, my spoiled, my grumpy, my ecobio, my brother, my cause, my everything. I still can't stand this news. It really is a lot of pain. How difficult is life! Wow and difficult was the news. EPD "May God rest his soul, my tank.", the same source had previously written in another publication.

Facebook Capture/Yeise Andre

"My brother, why did it go to you? Asere, I'm really bad," Yeise Andre also wrote when he learned of his friend's death.

Facebook Capture/Yeise Andre

At the closing of this note there are no other details about the death of this young man from Havana who, judging by the signs of pain expressed in hundreds of comments on social networks by his family and friends, has left a deep mark among those close to him.

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