Haila wants to become Mexican: "I am chilanga"

"I want it very much, I love this land very much," said the singer in an interview.

Haila María Mompié recently confessed her intentions to become Mexican naturalized something he wants very much because of the love he says he feels towards the Aztec country.

In a recent interview for the“Dialogues” program hosted by journalist José Luis Pérez Cruz, regarding her participation in Expo Feria Coatzacoalcos 2024 in Veracruz, the Cuban singer spoke about her frequent presentations in Mexico.

“I am already chilanga”, he said with a laugh, using a term that is used to refer to people who are natural or native to Mexico City.

We are about to become nationalized, but we have not yet had the time"The truth is that we have been traveling, so we have not had time to get to Mexico City, pose, lay the egg, and say we are going to do the procedures we have to do to become Mexican," added the artist.

“God willing, trulyI want it very much, I love this land very much and many things connect me to this Mexican land,” said Haila.

Just a few days ago it was news thatthe singer was visiting Miami again.

Faced with the barrage of criticism she received for her frequent trips to that city, Haila broke the silence and said: “For my son I cross the Niagara walkingand I can give light to the entire planet.”

Although the artist has supported the Cuban regime on many occasions, the truth is that she spends a lot of time outside the island.

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