Lumberjacks from Las Tunas are stranded in Havana for a week due to lack of transportation

The current champions of the National Series remained stranded in the Cuban capital for more than a week, waiting for transportation to return them to their province.

El relevista tunero Rubén Rodríguez (imagen de referencia) © Facebook / Leñadores de Las Tunas
Las Tunas reliever Rubén Rodríguez (reference image) Photo © Facebook / Lumberjacks of Las Tunas

The baseball team Lumberjacks of Las Tunas He remained stranded in Havana due to lack of transportation, after playing a series of matches in western Cuba, corresponding to the 63rd National Series Ball.

"The management of National Buses in Las Tunas has the obligation to guarantee our baseball team - which are also the national champions - full transportation during the National Series, because this is how it is contracted at the country level," said the director. Orlando Cruz Vazquez in a publication on the Facebook site ‘Por la Goma’.

Screenshot Facebook / Por la Goma

Author of documentary film “The Ax does not cut alone, it needs a Lumberjack” regarding the performance of the Las Tunas team, which was crowned champion of the 62nd National Baseball Series, Cruz Vázquez assured that “the problem with the athletes” from Las Tunas “has already gone from brown to dark".

“The Guagua for the monarchs of Cuba is going in reverse. The odyssey began when Pantoja's pupils left last Monday, March 18, heading to Pinar del Río to fulfill the schedule that took them on a two-week tour away from home,” described the director.

This tour as “visitors” turned out to be a compendium of accidents and nonsense in the middle of a chaotic National Series compromised by the acute energy crisis and fuel caused by the mismanagement of the Cuban regime.

The Los Leñadores bus had technical defects and suffered a broken suspension when leaving Camagüey. “After 18 hours stranded on the road, they managed to continue their trip,” said Cruz Vázquez.

Screenshot Facebook / Las Tunas Newspaper

“At the end of the subseries in Pinar del Río, they were dropped off by transportation at the Port of Batabanó so they could board the ship heading to La Isla de la Juventud, for their next commitment. The boat also broke,” the director denounced, listing the misfortunes suffered by the Las Tunas team and how these affected their sporting performance.

Finally, “on Thursday the 21st it was decided that they should return home and they don't have… a bus!” described the documentary filmmaker. Stranded in the Cuban capital, the players from Las Tunas, current national champions, they did not get transportation back to their province “until Friday, March 29.”

“The worrying thing now is that many of the main players of the Las Tunas team came by their own means, showing signs of discontent, helplessness and lack of confidence to have their problems resolved and hopefully not generate greater displeasure that leads them to take other steps.” decisions,” said Cruz Vázquez.

According to his story, the director spoke with Luis Tamayo Acosta, director of National Buses in Las Tunas, who assured him that “the transportation problems to Los Leñadores will be resolved,” who will be assigned two buses, one for “when they are playing in Las Tunas and another when they go out to fulfill their duties.” the calendar for the different provinces.”

Screenshot Facebook / Por la Goma

In mid-March, directors of the Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) reported that the matches of the 63rd National Baseball Series (SNB) They would be played during daylight hours to take advantage of daylight in the midst of the serious electro-energy crisis that is being experienced on the Island, which has caused blackouts like what happened in the final of the last National Series, in a match that pitted Industriales against Los Leñadores..

“Given the country's energy situation, analyzed in the provinces that have stadiums with artificial lighting, it has been decided that for the moment the 63 SNB games will begin at 2:00 p.m.,” indicated information from the sports organization released. by social network X.

At the beginning of February, the Cuban government announced the suspension of all ongoing sporting events due to "low fuel availability", which left several tournaments on hold, including the SNB.

However, the baseball directors on the island toured the country's provinces and championed the participating teams, to give the green light to the greatest baseball classic.

The SNB program includes a total of 75 games for each team, which will fight for one of the eight available tickets for the playoffs. Each subseries will be five games at the same venue, always from Tuesday to Sunday, where the visiting teams will be home-club for the weekend.

Fridays will be used for active rest and Mondays for transportation.

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