Osmani García and Laura seek to be parents of twins through surrogacy: "We want to have babies outside of my queen's body"

The couple has announced their plans to become parents together.

Osmani García y Laura © Instagram / Osmani García
Osmani García and Laura Photo © Instagram / Osmani García

Osmani García and his wife Laura have plans to expand their family! The Cuban singer, who is happily married to the businesswoman, has announced that they want to be parents together, and if it is two babies and they are girls, even better. A news that he revealed on his Instagram profile where he commented that they are looking for a surrogacy agency to fulfill this wish.

The singer of "El Taxi" is the father of two children, and Laura also has another son from a previous relationship that she loves as if he were her own. So from having a baby through this practice that celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ricky Martin, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton have resorted to, this would be the reggaeton singer's third child.

The news was revealed by Osmani García with the following message. "Jimaguas las Lauritas for example. We want to have babies outside of my Queen's body... What company do you recommend is the best for this, do you know about this?".

This text was accompanied by an image in which both of them appear very lovey-dovey.

The couple's followers have congratulated them for the decision they have made and for the beautiful family they form.

"How happy we are for you. Laura, how you have changed this man. Who would have thought. You deserve a statue" or "Absolute happiness", are some of the messages they sent to Osmani and Laura. Although there are also those who suggested in the comments box that they adopt instead of looking for a surrogate.

In this way, Osmani and Laura are ready to open a new chapter in their lives, eagerly awaiting the arrival of twins and making their family dreams come true.

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