"Every day more beautiful": Daniela Reyes conquers the networks with a flattering look

Her followers on Instagram, now more than a million, showered her with praise.

Daniela Reyes © Instagram / Daniela Reyes
Daniela Reyes Photo © Instagram / Daniela Reyes

One day after celebrating one million followers on Instagram, Daniela Reyes She won applause online with some photos wearing a flattering outfit.

In the prints, where she demonstrates that elegance and sensuality are not mutually exclusive, she wears a set of black pants and a mini top with rhinestones.

Her hair up and subtle makeup completed the look with which she once again earned the praise of her admirers.

"Very beautiful, I love it"; "Each day more beautiful"; "Pure style"; "I'm not wrong, it's hard, not very hard, beautiful blessings"; "Always divine"; "There is no doubt this woman is more beautiful every day x God"; "How beautiful"; "Goddess"; "She is absolutely beautiful," reads the comments on the post, which within a day of sharing had generated more than 14,000 views. likes.

Two days before, the influencer had also opted for a similar outfit, on that occasion, the top with flights of tulle, which also unleashed the avalanche of laudatory comments.

But while Daniela enjoys the support and growth on social networks, on a sentimental level, life also smiles on her after she and Yomil have given themselves a second chance.

Lovers, accomplices and without skimping on displays of affection are the lovebirds after their reconciliation was made public.

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