Spanish woman tells the things she doesn't understand about the United States: "People wear pajamas all day"

Spanish woman living in the United States lists the things she doesn't understand

After three months living in the United States, A Spanish TikToker made a video listing what she doesn't understand about the North American country.

The TikTok user who went viral telling what she doesn't understand about the United States is Mariona Falomi Silla (@marionsfalomi), who began by highlighting the high price of food.

"If you want to eat well, you have to spend a fortune"said Mariona, who also complained about having to tip everywhere.

"When you are going to buy something it is never the final price, you always have to add taxes to everything and everywhere", he added. "Everyone takes 500,000 vitamins," said the young Spanish woman in the viral video.

"Do not use specialized rags for cleaning, use rags for everything" and "That people wear pajamas all day, on a date, in the supermarket or in a restaurant. I don't understand it", are two aspects that this TikToker also pointed out.

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