Aleida Guevara asks for CDR to monitor Mipymes: "They pose risks to security."

Aleida Guevara March is wary of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Aleida Guevara March, daughter of Che Guevara and spokesperson for the Castro regime, lashed out in a recent interview with an Italian media outlet against Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs), calling for greater surveillance by the CDRs as she considers them a potential threat to national security.

SMEs pose security risks because they can facilitate the entry of drugs or other illicit goods into the country: controls by the CDR (Committees for the Defense of the Revolution) on what happens in Cuba need to be intensified," stated in a statement to Ilfattoquotidiano.

The distinguished 63-year-old Castro supporter - who is a pediatrician by profession - argued that while the initial purpose of the SMEs was correct, these activities are now causing problems.

While the initial goal was not wrong, that is, to import raw materials from abroad to produce goods in Cuba to resell them at cheap prices, these activities are causing problems because often they directly import goods purchased in dollars, which when converted to pesos cost too much for the Cuban people," he explained, following a point of view previously expressed by Esteban Lazo.

Guevara March described SMEs as "capitalist anarchy" that has increased inequalities, making many consumer goods inaccessible to the average Cuban, who lives on a very low salary, especially in the public sector.

In that sense, he urged the government to act promptly in the face of the growing inflation that is affecting the people amid the economic crisis.

"It is a serious problem that the State must address and solve now," he noted, and considered that the way forward is first to seek mechanisms to regulate prices and then to increase wages.

This is not the first statement by Aleida Guevara March that has caused a stir.

Last November, Che Guevara's daughter volunteered as a soldier for the Palestinian cause and stated that she shoots "quite well" and that she is "militarily trained".

Previously, in January of 2023, Che's second daughter, of Cuban-Argentine nationality, stated during an intervention in a city in India, that the United States government is denying Cuba the right to do business and blamed the US economic embargo for the shortage of medicines and food on the island.

In 2021, in an audio recording broadcasted by the Argentine radio station Radio Rebelde AM 740, Guevara March referred to the Cubans who went out to protest on 11J as "unscrupulous people" and "of low social status."

According to Che's daughter, the thousands of people who took to the streets in the historic protests were nothing more than thugs and ignorants, "people without scruples and paid by the United States," who engaged in looting state institutions.

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