They dismantle a network that falsified documents to regulate Cubans in Spain.

The police arrested four people, two Cubans and two Italians, for being part of a network that forged documents to help Cuban citizens legalize their status in Spain.

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The National Police of Spain dismantled a criminal organization in Valencia that allegedly specialized in counterfeiting documents to regularize the status of Cuban migrants in the Iberian country.

Europa Press detailed that authorities detained four individuals, two men and two women, aged between 52 and 57, of Cuban and Italian origin.

These individuals are accused of belonging to a criminal organization, document forgery, and aiding illegal immigration, after fraudulently regularizing Cuban citizens in Spain.

The network falsified documents to simulate parent-child relationships between Cuban residents and deceased Spanish citizens, allowing them to obtain residence permits and later Spanish citizenship.

The UCRIF of the Provincial Aliens and Borders Brigade began the investigation last year after detecting irregularities in numerous files of Cuban citizens processed at the Government Sub-delegation of Valencia to obtain residence and work permits.

The detainees recruited Cuban citizens and offered them legal services to regularize their status in Spain, charging between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. They presented falsified Cuban birth certificates to simulate family ties with deceased Spanish citizens, thus obtaining temporary residence permits due to roots and even Spanish nationality.

The detainees had no criminal records. They were released after giving a statement, with the obligation to appear before the judicial authority when required.

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