Cuban shows airplane graveyard at Havana airport: "Just scrap metal"

"They are rotting there," a person declared on social media upon seeing what could be considered an airplane graveyard at the Havana airport.

When going on a trip, a Cuban noticed that, at the outdoor airport in Havana, old airplanes are deteriorating due to the government's neglect and the harshness of the environment, as shown in a video posted on social media this Wednesday.

"They are rotting there," expressed a person named Joan Licourt in a video posted on Facebook. "I rode that one day to go to Santiago de Cuba," added the young man, who denounced that the aircraft, which perhaps could have flown again, now show a lamentable state.

"Look at the old planes, they are junk now," he said with pain and nostalgia, showing the ancient airplanes that he once used himself to travel to Santiago de Cuba.

The mobility of people between the different provinces of Cuba has become a major issue, as they often resort to private transportation due to the scarcity of state-owned options. This situation is further exacerbated by the lack of domestic flights.

In 2023, the Cuban regime announced that it would explore "the possibility of acquiring new aircraft" to revitalize its ailing sector, after the state-owned airline has been without flights to important international destinations for years due to a lack of planes.

"We continue to look for alternatives, both for passenger transportation and for cargo," said the Minister of Transportation, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, after blaming the United States embargo for the widespread precariousness in Cuba.

Additionally, he boasted that domestic flights will be gradually restored because the country had established agreements with international companies, and received a modernized Russian-made TU-204 plane, as reported by the official newspaper Granma.

An IL-96 and several ATR planes also arrived on the island, which in his opinion are "the ones that can help the most, internally."

In December 2023, the Cubana de Aviación aircraft IL 96 300 landed at the José Martí International Airport after undergoing comprehensive maintenance in Russia that lasted over a year.

Russian and Cuban manufacturers, experts, and specialists carried out the work for 14 months in the areas of security systems, air navigation, and overall comfort, with modifications that improve the quality of onboard services," detailed a brief note published by Cubadebate reporting on the arrival.

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