Ms. Dayana on controversies in urban music: "There is no need to lack respect"

In an interview for Ritmo 95.7, Dayana said that there has always been controversy within the genre, but before it was based on respect.

Srta Dayana does not appear on the list of Cuban artists who are frequently caught up in controversies, however, the singer does have her own opinions on the matter.

In an interview for Ritmo 95.7, Dayana referred to the constant clashes that arise between the exponents of the urban genre in Cuba.

"I have known them all for a very long time, and at first, I think there was, there has always been some controversy, but I believe it was somewhat based on respect," said the singer.

According to the interpreter of "Hasta que te conocí," the representatives of the genre are disrespecting each other, "quite and unnecessarily."

"It's time to say 'we are grown men now, we have had enough experiences, we are more mature, we can solve problems in a different way.' Everyone knows each other, I think everyone has each other's number, they can call each other to solve any situation they have, and there is no need to disrespect each other," added the artist.

Dayana also alluded to the fact that for some people, these controversies are a way to gain attention: "Being involved in controversies on social media may be a way to gain followers, but well, everyone leads their career as they understand."

The most recent major controversy in the genre was between El Taiger and Ja Rulay, and unfortunately, it went beyond the confines of social media and turned into a physical confrontation between the reggaeton artists.

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