In the midst of criticism and strong controversy, Cuban broadcaster Frank Abel signs contract with "Destino Tolk" in Miami.

After the host gave an interview to this podcast, many, including Alexander Otaola and Abejas Memes, have confronted him.

The Cuban announcer Frank Abel, who has been living in Miami since 2022, has just signed a contract to work on the podcast "Destino Tolk".

The news came amid controversy and strong criticism unleashed against Frank Abel after he gave an interview for this program.

Destino Positivo and Fernan, the regular hosts of this well-known program in Miami, welcomed the radio host.

"Million-dollar contract for Frank Abel, welcome to the Destino Tolk family," reads a post on the official podcast profile on Instagram, alongside a photo where the announcer appears to be signing the contract in the company of Destino and Fernan.

In recent days, the hosts of this podcast reacted to the criticisms that their show received for interviewing Frank Abel, who many label as a communist, drug addict, alcoholic, and problematic.

Alexander Otaola on El Mañanero was one of those who criticized and ridiculed Frank Abel, calling him a "bad actor," after he broke down crying during the interview when asked about his mother, accused in Cuba of embezzlement.

On the other hand, the influencer Amed Rodríguez Ruiz, known in the world of social media as Abejas Memes, and formerly Frank Abel's partner, denied in an interview for La Familia Pérez some of the statements that the host made for "Destino Tolk": "The entire showbiz world from that time when I was with Frank knows that the problematic, alcoholic, and aggressive one was him (...) Frank Abel is a very arrogant, envious person; that is why they also did not give him work in Cuba."

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