This was Laura Pausini's performance in Cuba with Gente de Zona

Relive the great show that took place in Havana with Laura Pausini and Gente de Zona.

Gente de Zona y Laura Pausini en La Habana © CiberCuba
Gente de Zona and Laura Pausini in Havana Photo © CiberCuba

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Finally Cuba lived the long-awaited day. The Italian singer Laura Pausini raised her voice before thousands of spectators in the Sports City of Havana together with the Cuban group Local People and gave the Cubans a performance that will go down in history.

Upon her arrival at the venue, neither the wind, nor the torrential rain, nor the lightning prevented the Italian from experiencing the nerves prior to her performance. However, the warmth of those around her made her relax and feel like the true star of the night.

Along with the Cuban police officers who covered the premises:

Laura Pausini / Instagram

“I feel like a princess here, thank you very much”, commented the artist minutes before going on stage.

As a special guest at the concert of the urban music duo formed by Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom, Pausini sang his song in collaboration with the reggaeton artists no one has said.

The Italian not only pleased the audience present with her performance with Gente de Zona, but also recalled some of the most important classics of her musical career such as Loneliness O He went away, which became true anthems in Cuba in the 90s.

During the brief concert Pausini had some words for everyone present: “They had told me, if you come to Cuba you are going to go crazy, but I was already crazy since Italy, now what do I do if I am crazier than ever, I lost my mind”, he commented between laughs.

Moments before ending his performance, Pausini wanted to play with the audience and invited them to sing a cappella. strange loves, another of his famous songs in Spanish.

As a culmination, the Italian said goodbye, sharing hugs and signs of affection with her teammates Alexander and Randy, as well as greetings to the entire audience. Likewise, the applause and shouts of "Laura, Laura" The attendees joined together in unison throughout the esplanade of the Ciudad Deportiva.

"Thank you Cuba, People of the Zone. More than 250 thousand people and hearts full of emotion. See you always! Dream come true", expressed in the publication of a video that captured the moment:

Some of the country's personalities, like the president of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel, they didn't want to miss the recital either. The high president enjoyed the show with umbrella in hand and even received a thank you for his presence from Gente de Zona.

The Cuban singer Diana Fuentes He also had his space during the presentation and sang the song with Gente de Zona. life changed me, while Puerto Ricans Zion and Lennox performed turn up the radio providing the voices of the absent Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno.

The big show lowered the curtain around 1:00 am local time to the rhythm of The Gozadera, encouraged by the applause and effusiveness of the Cuban public who witnessed a different night.

Hours later, Pausini published a photograph on his social networks accompanied by an emotional text of gratitude dedicated to Cuba and, especially, to Gente de Zona. Draped in a Cuban flag, the Italian woman wrote:

"My dream, in these 25 years of career, was simply to be able to sing for my fans in Cuba. One of the few countries in the world that I had never known! For a singer, the best way to say thank you to his audience is to sing in I live looking at their faces, singing our songs together. All of this was possible thanks to my friends Randy and Alexander from @gentedezona and our song #nobodyhadicho. I will never forget this crazy and beautiful day made of 24 hours without sleep but with a heart full of love. love. Music unites. I love them.

In her Instagram stories section, Pausini also shared all the moments leading up to the performance, an appointment that luckily was a success and that fulfilled one of the artist's biggest dreams: singing in Cuba.

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