Cuban Ketty Fresneda (Masterchef) audience leader in the Weekly Package

Through the Weekly Package, many Cubans were aware of the triumphs of Ketty Fresneda, the first Cuban finalist in Masterchef 6

Jordi Cruz felicita a Ketty Fresneda por su triunfo ©
Jordi Cruz congratulates Ketty Fresneda for her victory Photo ©

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Even if it arrives in Cuba three days, or a week, after it goes on air,Masterchef has become one of the main attractions of the Weekly Package.

If in Cuba the audience that consumes the Weekly Package were studied, there would surely have been a peak of attention this week,when the final of MasterChef 6 on Spanish Television came out, with the first Cuban finalist, The popularKetty Fresneda, who was accompanied in the competition by her mother, who lives in Cuba, her husband and mother-in-law.

In the final of MasterChef, Ketty decided to pay tribute to her Island with exotic and tropical flavors. With that idea, he prepared a salad of monkfish, crayfish and sea ox with a coconut dome as a starter. As a main course he cooked a stingray in its juice with aniseed, pickles and citrus fruits.

For dessert, Ketty gave free rein to her imagination with a Cubalibre taken to the pastry, with a sponge cake infused with cola syrup, a lemon granita, a muscovado sugar jelly and air of Cuban rum.

"I like the idea. I like that it transports me to Cuba, that it talks about your land. You are a runaway colt and it shows when it comes to cooking. But that disorder is sometimes so beautiful, when you have depth, you have taste, you have passion and this is your case. And this Cubalibre is very well done, with small nuances,” said Pepe Rodríguez, one of the jurors, someone who does not usually give praise even to Ketty, with whom he shares Cuban ancestors.

The Cuban is very happy with having participated in Masterchef 6 and reach the final because in this way you will be able to have a master's degree in pastry at the Basque Culinary Center, one of the most important gastronomic academic institutions in the world.

Afterwards, Ketty hopes to continue learning to become a prestigious chef, and perhaps work together with her friend, fellow contestant Marta Verona, and perhaps create, as she announced on the program, her own restaurant, which may be in Pontevedra or Havana, to integrate Spanish and Cuban cuisines.

Ketty has lived for six years in Pontevedra, Galicia, and has become the first Cuban to reach the final of Masterchef, whose final was watched by almost three million viewers, to which we must add thousands and thousands of Cubans. who support the Cuban through the Weekly Package, and who refuse to be told who won, to fully experience the excitement of the competition.

Fresneda says that as soon as she has the opportunity she will visit the Island where she will surely be received with notable displays of sympathy, because although the Malecón never trembled with her triumph, as Jordi Cruz assured, the shaking did not take place only because of the slowness in the arrival of the results of the contest to the Island, several days or weeks later.

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