Cubans criticize indoctrination in the script of the new soap opera broadcast on TV

The Cuban soap opera Entrega is receiving strong criticism on social networks.

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More than an approach to the complex fabric of Cuban society, the soap operaDelivery -which broadcasts each weekCubavision- seems to be specially written and designed for the indoctrination of the country's families, the main consumers of this television space, criticized several viewers on social networks.

The comments made in the pamphlet discourse of the series indicate that the proposal of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT), which in theory attempts to reflect on the teaching of history in the country, gives little room for the intended reflection, and instead has a predominant political discourse that dismisses those arguments and opinions contrary to the official discourse.

A Facebook user yesterday published with the message “Indoctrination… only the part of history that suits them”, a fragment of chapter 1 of the series where the protagonist - a history teacher - answers a student's question: “If the dead woke up and saw this, what would they do?”

When questioned, the professor (Ray Cruz) appears condescending, calm, takes a deep breath, asks for five minutes and explains: “Guys, a Revolution had to be made, it had to be done no matter what, and the dead, of course, were not in vain", and continues with the enumeration of "concrete facts" that would function as a reminder and, in addition, would justify the seizure of power by force, the war and the dead of the bloody revolutionary process before the viewers.

"After 1959, our third world, underdeveloped country achieved education and health rates almost at the level of developed countries, and that is a concrete fact. What was done with the lands of the peasants, poor peasants, the distribution of land, "That was what the Cuban government did after the Revolution. What happened with Ebola in Africa, who were they? Cuban doctors, prepared by the Revolution," he continues before the strangely "touched" gaze of his students.

“This is not teque, this is not molar, neither you nor I can cover the sun with a finger, that sun of the moral world”, where he hides himself to legitimize his speech in the well-known title of the Cuban essayist Cintio Vitier, who paradoxically does not He intended with his text to give history lessons.

The scene closes with another question, this time from the teacher to his students: “I would like you to leave thinking about a question: What would have happened to many of you if you had not been born in this Revolution?”, which could leave more than one thinking. in their homes about the moral debt of each Cuban with the revolutionary process.

Although they have already broadcast 50 episodes of Delivery,Facebook users did not forgive the professor's inaugural speech and commented: “Oh my God, they put the same Revolutionary theme in novels, adventures, dolls, breakfast, lunch, food etc etc... the music lacked the applause of the class”, and some just say “The same as always…blablabla”.

The soap opera space in Cuba has historically been the one with the largest television audience on the island, which is why it is frequently used for political propaganda purposes.

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