Migrants from Cuba and Venezuela find work in the largest supply market in Mexico

Migrants fleeing the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela find opportunities for a better future in Mexico.

Cuban and Venezuelan migrants, fleeing the regimes of their countries of birth, find opportunities for a better future in the Central de Abasto market (CEDA) in Mexico City.

We were forced to leave our country Because my husband was a public official, he was a state police officer, and I worked in the administration of the mayor's office, since we did not want to follow certain orders we were forced to leave the country," María Teresa García, a Venezuelan emigrant, told the television station. Aztec News.

The young Alexandra Duarte is in the same situation, who affirms that “it has been 25 years of dictatorship (in Venezuela) and it is a very strong situation in which you cannot find work. In my country I am an accountant, in fact, I have a degree and I was halfway through my master's degree.”

The two work in what is considered the largest market in Latin America, located in Mexico City.

Like them, other migrants, professionals in many cases, They prefer to be assistant generals in the Aztec nation, and not practice their degrees or engineering in their countries of origin, to flee from undemocratic regimes.

Cuban emigrant Andrés Sánchez Hurtado has a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and now works as a checker and salesman: “I was head of reception at a hotel. The change is felt, but when you emigrate you have to be prepared for everything.”

While many wait to define their immigration situations, continue on their way to the United States or settle in Mexico, they take advantage of the outstretched hands offered by some businesses and companies in the Aztec country.

Claudia Gascón, manager of the San Judas Tadeo taqueria, in CEDA, said that the first immigrant hired was María, more than six months ago: “We said why not reach out to them. Right now we have more than 10 people hired.”

Migrants living in Mexico, who often do not even value the possibility of returning to their countries with non-democratic governments, take advantage of the labor opportunities that come from different sources.

Last February, a group of 50 large companies joined together to provide work for Cubans, Venezuelans and Haitians.

The group includes large employers such as Amazon, Walmart, HSBC and the hotel chain Marriott International, among others.

Although emigrants who arrive in Mexico dream of entering the United States after achieving a quote from CBP One, the reality is that some choose to settle in the Aztec nation and become naturalized.

That is the case of two Cuban migrants who reinvented themselves as security guards in Mexico City.

“They are my friends, their names are Elvis and Dani. In fact their names are longer but I forget them. They, like many of the Cubans I have known, have gone through intense situations,” he said in the Cuban group in Tapachula Hanel Gamboa, who spread this story of improvement.

After the first job, in a supply center in Mexico City, They started as security guards and consider becoming Mexican nationals.

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