The criminal incompetence of Cuban socialism must end

How could they convert the most fertile land in the world, with an abundance of sun and water, where many vegetables have up to two annual harvests, into a wasteland full of marabou?

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In Cuba there is a Ministry of Agriculture, and more than 10 business groups dedicated to agriculture and livestock, each made up of several state companies:

  • AZCUBA Sugar Group
  • Livestock Business Group
  • Tabacuba Business Group
  • Agricultural Business Group
  • Agroforestry Business Group
  • Labiofam Business Group
  • Flora and Fauna Business Group
  • Mayabeque Agricultural and Forestry Business Group
  • Artemisa Agricultural and Forestry Business Group
  • National Collection Union

There are also more than 12 “scientific” research institutes, including:

  • Sugar Cane Research Institute
  • Sugarcane Derivatives Research Institute
  • Research Center for Animal Improvement
  • Pasture and Forage Research Institute
  • Swine Research Institute
  • Poultry Research Institute
  • Tobacco Research Institute
  • Tropical Food Research Institute
  • Institute for Fundamental Research in Tropical Agriculture
  • Horticultural Research Institute
  • Agroforestry Research Institute
  • Beekeeping Research Center.

There are so many and so varied (and this list is not exhaustive), and they employ so many specialists and researchers, that seeing how agriculture and livestock are on the Island, the only thing that can be thought is that in these centers they study how to make the land Cubans are as unproductive as possible and, in addition, they work to prevent the little food that is produced from reaching the Cubans' tables. We have seen several examples of the latter recently..

The result is that in Cuba there is no meat, milk, sugar, coffee, or medicine.

And it has to be on purpose, there is no other explanation. In a country where a bean grows in a slot in the sidewalk, where in any garden a Cuban grows a crop of cassava, every patio has a bush of mango or bananas and pumpkins grow like weeds in an abandoned pleasure There can be no shortage of food.

How did they achieve it? How is it possible to convert the most fertile land in the world, with an abundance of sun and water, where many vegetables have up to two annual harvests, into a wasteland full of marabou?

How can you go from being the first cane sugar producer in the world to having to import sugar?

How is it achieved going from being the third country in the world in cattle per capita to the fact that the majority of Cubans have only seen a sirloin on TV?

Why was the fruit cordon that surrounded Havana eliminated, even using war tanks and chains?

How is it possible that the only milk that Cubans consume be it powder - those that can - and children are only "guaranteed" until they are 7 years old?

So either they are very very very incompetent, God level incompetent and no one surpasses them in this, or they are tremendous sons of bitches and they don't care about the results of their actions.

Running a country is not an easy task, even less so if the ruler decides that he is a super genius who is going to invent a new species of cow that eats grass and gives milk and meat as if it ate feed and proteins, that by magic is going to harvest more than 10 million tons of sugar, ruin Colombian coffee growers, put Central American banana growers out of business, or convert from nothing to the country in a biotechnology power; to name only some of his crazy things.

The result is that in Cuba there is no meat, milk, sugar, coffee, or medicine.

If I had only screwed up with the 10 million harvest, I would have apologized, I would have retired embarrassed and given way to someone better prepared than me, because you cannot play with the lives of more than 10 million people .

Only a big son of a bitch, with a lot of ego, and who is not at all interested in the vicissitudes of his people, can chain together countless stupidities and such big blunders and continue telling us stories as if nothing had happened.

But he was not alone, tens of thousands of Cubans at all levels supported each measure, applauded the wonderful new idea, gladly marched to the countryside to participate in the epic of the entire people while they saw that the country was gradually going to hell. shit.

It is time to stop believing the stories, it is time to stop acting as if we believed the stories, it is time to tell them that we no longer believe their stories, it is time to understand that another Cuba is possible, and it is in our hands to demand the change. We have already been plunged into too many failed experiments; It's time to start a different path.

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