Broselianda Hernández's partner brings her flowers to the sea where they found her lifeless body

Broselianda Hernández died at the age of 56 and authorities are still investigating the causes of the incident.

Broselianda Hernández y su pareja en el mar © Instagram / Broselianda Hernández y Facebook Alexis Boentes-Telemundo 51
Broselianda Hernández and her partner at sea Photo © Instagram / Broselianda Hernández and Facebook Alexis Boentes-Telemundo 51

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The partner of the Cuban actress Broselianda Hernández, who He died this November 18 in Miami, took flowers to the sea where they found her lifeless body.

Telemundo 51 journalist Alexis Boentes shared a photo of the moment when Jorge Fernández Falcón crouches down by the sea and places several red roses in the sand.

"This image is moving: the sentimental partner of the Cuban actress Broselianda Hernández brings her flowers to the sea, to the place where this morning several people found her lifeless body and called the police," said the journalist.

He also assured that authorities are still investigating the cause of the actress' death.

"As we have just been confirmed, there are no symptoms of apparent violence," he said.

The journalist said he found out from the actress's brother-in-law that on Tuesday night Broselianda left the house, supposedly to buy cigarettes, but did not return.

"They called her and her cell phone was turned off. A great loss for Cuban culture," he said.

The body of the Cuban actress was found on the coast of Miami Beach, near 79th Street in the early hours of Wednesday, by a person identified as Marcos Carbono.

Carbono walked through the area and tried to rescue her, but realized that the woman was dead. Then, around 6:30 a.m., he called 911 and informed the police.

The news of the death of Broselianda Hernández has impacted personalities from the art world and to Cuban citizens from all over the world.

Cuban actor Erdwin Fernández was shocked after the news. "Damn girl, what was that? Tireless fucker running around with all of us on the roofs of the ISA (...). I don't know what happened to you love, nor do I want to imagine it, only you and your loneliness will know. Crazy star, you left so many things to do. Rest in peace, super actress, wonderful woman, no one will be able to know your ghosts," he wrote.

For her part, actress Yuliet Cruz said about the incident: "My heart is broken. Sad news that I refuse to believe!!!!! What pain! How sad your departure leaves you! EPD Brose."

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