Government of Cuba forces retirees to return one month of pension

The Municipal Directorate of Labor and Social Security of Boyeros, in Havana, forces those who collect their withdrawal on the 28th and 29th of each month to return the money at once or to sign deferred payment letters although there are no traces in their accounts of having collected twice that money.

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Cuban retiree, collecting his pension, in a file photo. Photo © CiberCuba

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The Municipal Directorate of Labor and Social Security of Boyeros, in Havana,accuses retirees who collect their pension on the 28th and 29th of each month of spending a double salary paid by mistake at the beginning of this year and forces them to return it.

The victims claim that they never received double their salary in their accounts, but they have still had to sign deferred payment letters to repay the Government for what they claim they have not received, according to the official newspaper.Havana Tribune.

The subscription, duplicated due to an assumption "a human error", presumably reached the retirees coinciding with the beginning of the Ordering Task and the entry of the new onessalaries increased by the ruling Communist Party since January 1.

According to the state newspaperHavana Tribune, the accusation has causedtears and shock among those who live on a monthly pension, which in Cuba ranges between 1,528 (64 USD) and 1,733 pesos (72 USD).

To begin with, there is displeasure among pensioners over the ways used by Social Security to claim the money back since they were urgently summoned to the Municipal Labor Directorate of Boyeros without being previously explained the reason for the call.

Once in the entity, the retirees had access to the extended payment agreement, in which they are literally accused of having received their salary twice in the same month.

The Cuban authorities told them that "to avoid other major consequences" they had to "return in one go" the money collected due to a Social Security error or sign a deferred payment agreement so that their salary would be deducted month by month and thus they could return it in installments.

FromHavana TribuneThey criticize the consequences that this supposed "human error" of Social Security has on the affected retirees not only because it forces them to return money that they do not have and did not receive but also because to do so they must wait in line and go to the bank. All this, being a population at risk and in the midst of the pandemic, a detail that the state newspaper ignores.

A concrete example

The official newspaper cites the example of a pensioner who on December 28, 2020 received her salary for January. At that time, they transferred the amount that corresponded to him after the salary increase that came into effect on January 1, 2021.

What the pensioner did not know is that, for unknown reasons, retirees are paid a month in advance. What happened, according toHavana Tribune, The thing is that in January the machines doubled the January payroll (entered on December 28) instead of taking out the February payroll, which was the one to manage at that time.

This human error supposedly caused all retirees who are paid on the 28th and 29th of each month to receive the doubled January salary in January, instead of the February salary.

However, the pensioner in the example did not have any income recorded in her account until February 1 and at that time she only received the same amount received in December, not double.

This income was repeated the rest of the months of this year and in no case is it duplicated, which means thatwhat the machine duplicated was the name of the month, but in reality the income did not reach the pensioners twice.

"Never during that period of time, neither then nor later, did he receive 3,356 pesos, the result of multiplying by two the 1,678 to be collected each month of the year," the official newspaper clarifies.

This leads the state newspaper to demand that the error in the Ministry of Social Security be corrected without forcing pensioners to return money that they have not received.

Despite being aware of the injustice, the victim's son, who is also the journalist who wrote the article, assures that he signed the agreement on behalf of his mother to return to the bank money that he has not received in his account.

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