Boxer Robeisy Ramírez calls Julio César la Cruz "on his knees of the dictatorship"

Díaz-Canel called Julio César la Cruz to congratulate him on his victory and for his "patriotic cry of Homeland or Death."

Robeisy Ramírez y Julio César la Cruz © Robeisy Ramírez/ Facebook y Eurosport
Robeisy Ramírez and Julio César la Cruz Photo © Robeisy Ramírez/ Facebook and Eurosport

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The Cuban guyRobeisy Ramirez, who boxes professionally in the United States, called his countryman Julio César la Cruz "kneeling of the dictatorship," after heshouted "No Homeland and Life!, Homeland or Death, We Will Win!", after his victory in the fight against the Cuban nationalized Spanish Enmanuel Reyes at the Tokyo Olympics.

"Julio César La Cruz—being in a democracy like Japan—chose to repeat the communist refrain Homeland or Death. That is his prerogative. Mine is to reaffirm myself on the side of freedom and denounce him as the kneeling Cuban dictatorship that he is," Ramírez expressed on his Facebook wall.

La Cruz, current Olympic champion, won on Friday by split decision of the judges over Enmanuel Reyes, in a duel expected by many given the novelty of seeingtwo Cubans with different flags face each other in the ring.

Upon being proclaimed the winner, La Cruz addressed the stands of the Cuban delegation and uttered his exclamation, which prompted the ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel himself to call him to congratulate him on his victory and his "patriotic cry of Homeland or Death." as he said on his Twitter account.

The Cuban official media has also not ceased to echo his action.

"Everything for Cuba and for the Revolution," said the star boxer in other statements published by the sports portalJit.

The boxerRobeisy Ramírez, double Olympic champion, left the Cuba team in 2018 in Mexico, where he was preparing for the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla.

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