Cuban Erick Hernández breaks the Guinness record with 351 touches of the ball with his head in one minute

The former Cuban soccer player indicated that he now plans to take a break and then begin preparation to break another record: 10 hours and 9 minutes dominating the ball with just his feet.

El cubano Erick Hernández Sánchez (Imagen de referencia) © Cubadebate/Hansel Hernández
Cuban Erick Hernández Sánchez (Reference image) Photo © Cubadebate/Hansel Hernández

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The Cuban guyErick Hernandez Sanchez broke a new record this SaturdayGuinness record in mastering the ball by hitting the ball with his head 351 times during one minute, thus surpassing the previous mark, set by the Chinese Gao Chong, by ten touches.

“It means a lot, it is a record as you can see with a lot of impact, a Guinness record. I think that for the first time in the country a record is made with these parameters.It means a lot, a pretty difficult record and surpassing it by 10 touches much more“Hernández said in statements to theEfe agency after implementing the new brand in the Copacabana hotel in the capital.

The 55-year-old former Cuban soccer player indicated that he now plans to take a break and then begin preparation to break another record: that of 10 hours and 9 minutes controlling the ball with only their feet.

Hernández, with several world records in ball control, set his own mark of 350 hits on the ball with his head nine years ago in the same place this Saturday, but it was not recorded by Guinness.

Born in Havana on May 6, 1966, Erick Hernández began playing sports in the Cerro municipality from an early age.He was a soccer player, but he began controlling the ball in 1994 following the tradition of his brother, Douglas Hernández., precursor of the specialty in Cuba and helped by coach Luis Olmasa, who has prepared him in the different modalities he practices.

The athlete has demonstrated the ability to touch the ball with almost all parts of the body and has achieved marks of dominance with the thighs, knees, feet and head.

The man of records

In October 2005 he obtained the Guinness award for touching the ball 319 times for one minute with his head and in October 2009 for touching the ball with his thighs with a record of one hour and 28 minutes.

The Cuban has surpassed his own records at the national level on several occasions.

In July 2020 he broke his own record by dominating the ballfor 1 hour, 5 minutes and 6 seconds, with the head from a sitting position, with a kilogram of weight on his ankles. In that case the feat took place at home, due to the coronavirus, and was broadcast live on the Habana Deportes channel.

On that occasion, the Havana athlete surpassed his previousmark of 1 hour, 2 minutes and 5 seconds, reached in August 2019, when he managed to control the hitting of a Telstar 18 soccer ball at the Roc Barlovento Hotel, in Varadero, in front of dozens of admirers and experts.

That time in Varadero he also broke his own record, set on October 27, 2018, when he dominated the ball for 1 hour and 59 seconds in the same conditions.

Cuban Erick HernándeHernández set another record in ball control in May 2020, but on that occasion he changed the modality, hitting188 touches on the ball with the head for 30 seconds, standing on feet. That achievement was also imposed in his living room due to coronavirus restrictions on the island.

Before the trademark registered by Guinness this Saturday, on November 21, 2021, Erick Hernández set a new world record in ball control, this time touching only with his thighs and with a weight of 1.5 kilograms on each ankle. The limit was set at 2,739 touches, a figure that was exceeded He reached 2,902 touches on the ball with his thighs in 30 minutes and 46 seconds.

His preparation usually consists of 10 kilometer races and sit-ups, as well as exercises to strengthen his back, quadriceps and calves, as he has stated in several interviews.

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